Shake the Dust – Yoga & Energy Awareness Retreat

Shake the Dust – Yoga & Energy Awareness Retreat

From February 06 to 13, 2021

Shake the dust and unplug to recharge, step away to dive in…

Are you curious about yoga? Do you enjoy exploring beautiful surroundings, eating nourishing food, and hanging out with uplifting, joy-filled individuals? If the answer is YES (or at least a hard maybe) to any of these questions this retreat is for you! Join us as we “Shake the Dust” so to speak through self-exploration and expansion through physical asana, meditation, and energy work in the lush jungle surroundings of Puerto Vallarta. We will work through creative, but approachable, chakra focused yoga sequencing meant to invigorate and restore, bringing balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

All levels and ages welcome! In addition to yoga, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Reiki, a natural hands-on healing technique using “universal life force energy,” the energy that is flowing abundantly around and within all living things. Receive level one attunement which awakens you to the Reiki energy flow. Reiki level one is meant to heal on the physical level. At this stage, Reiki is used as a self -healing technique and as a means of deepening your own energetic awareness. Collectively we will move, feel, breath, and bond, enjoying all of the beauty that connection offers, with plenty of space and free time for you to simply be with “you.” 

* Early bird pricing listed below is valid until December 31st, 2019. All that’s required to reserve your spot is a $500 deposit.

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About the teacher

Shake the Dust – Yoga & Energy Awareness Retreat

Nikki McFadden

E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor

Strength and Flexibility ‘kaleide’ creating Grace. Nikki is graceful: a beautiful balance of meditation, laughter, tears, and heart. Nikki joyfully loves to share her deeply thoughtful practice with others. With an extensive training background in competitive gymnastics and professional dance, Nikki’s love of motion, curiosity about the human body, and desire to heal led her straight into the arms of yoga, where she first experienced real connection. Yoga, with its emphasis on breath and mindfulness, brought equilibrium across the entire spectrum of her life.

Nikki guides students through a physical practice that pushes beyond one’s body and drives into the deeper metaphysical properties we all possess. The strength cultivated in her classes helps one to grow his/her asana practice, but that same strength can be translated directly into all aspects of life. Inspired by life, Nikki believes that yoga is much more than a collection of shapes created by the body. Genuine yoga practice is one that transcends the confines of a mat or studio. True yoga is found in how we see ourselves, how we interact with others, and how we view the world. It is a lifestyle and a lifelong

Shake the Dust – Yoga & Energy Awareness Retreat

Shannon Demorest

Reiki Healer

A community builder rooted to others through energy, Shannon has spent the better part of her last 7 years working in the fitness, health, and wellness industry. Seeing lives change, not only as a result of the hard work put in but in large part because the people that surround and support one another, is what drives Shannon.

The beauty of the community lies in the transference of energy. Shannon believes that leading a healthy life is much more than just having a fit body. A healthy lifestyle truly thrives when your passions ‘kaleide’ with a tribe of like-minded hearts. Each individual adds his/her unique energy and joy, bringing everyone a little closer. Shannon is a certified Reiki master that specializes in sharing the benefits of Reiki healing in an approachable and fun way.

Shake the Dust – Yoga & Energy Awareness Retreat

Pam Kessinger

Recovery Yoga Instructor

Guided by her truth in knowing everything we seek is ALREADY WITHIN, Pam uses Yoga and breath-work as a gateway to help others find their own inner knowing. With her patient, loving and playful spirit she intends to demystify Yoga and make it available to as many people as possible. She’s a seeker of all things joyous, expansive and beautiful and believes more in what we don’t see than what we do see. Grounded in gratitude, she reminds us to be still, listen and know that all we are to become exists now.

With a 22 year personal Yoga practice and a combined 17 years teaching Yoga and leading group fitness experiences, Pam holds countless hours of Yoga, Sanskrit, meditation, and group fitness trainings and certifications.

When she’s not in the studio or on retreats sharing her passion, you’ll find this perpetual student studying something new, taking a kickboxing or Barre class or out on the trails with her family and dog soaking up the SoCal beauty and sun.

Pam is the director of ALREADY WITHIN Yoga studio nestled upstairs and inside the loft of Pedalers Fork restaurant, a uniquely beautiful combination of farm-to-table restaurant, coffee shop and bike shop.

“Recovery Yoga originated from my work with pro-athletes to aid recovery and prevent injury caused by repetitive sport-specific training. Now, I use it with people from all walks of life, especially those who don't think they can do yoga. In my classes, you will learn how to cultivate a deep connection to your breath, increase flexibility, improve range of motion as well as relax, recharge and significantly reduce stress. All levels welcome, no experience necessary.”


About the experience

Shake the Dust – Yoga & Energy Awareness Retreat
Shake the Dust – Yoga & Energy Awareness Retreat
Shake the Dust – Yoga & Energy Awareness Retreat
Shake the Dust – Yoga & Energy Awareness Retreat
Shake the Dust – Yoga & Energy Awareness Retreat
Shake the Dust – Yoga & Energy Awareness Retreat
Shake the Dust – Yoga & Energy Awareness Retreat
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All Included


per person ECO CHIC SUITE  $3,380 DELUXE ROOMS  $2,705 BIG PALAPA  $1,700


per person ECO CHIC SUITE  $2,505 DELUXE ROOMS  $2,145


  • Selected accommodation
  • 3 deliciously healthful meals served daily
  • Coffee, tea, fruit and granola
  • 2 daily yoga clases
  • Airport transfers and Boat ride to retreat center
  • All taxes
  • Reiki session
  • Early Bird
  • Snorkel Equipment
  • Meditation class
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