Stretch. Transform. Fly.

Stretch. Transform. Fly.

From September 26 to October 03, 2020

Stretch. Transform. Fly. (Aero & Yoga Retreat) We believe stretching leads to transformation freeing you from that, which is limiting you. Change is evident all around nature. Seeds expand, grow and break free through the ground. Caterpillars evolve, transform and change to become beautiful butterflies. In the same manner, we are to stretch our limitations to transform and fly free in life. For 8 days and 7 nights, our Aero & Yoga Retreat invites you to step into this magical transformation at this beautiful sanctuary, Xinalani.

We will practice various styles of yoga using all 6 studios from Aero Yoga and Cocoon Meditation to Hot Vinyasa. We will be eating healthy and delicious food, relaxing by the beach, hiking and having off-site adventures.

You will stretch, transform and recharge with like-minded people taking your practice back home ready to fly free! 

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About the teacher

Stretch. Transform. Fly.

Nash Hernandez

Owner of AeroZen Yoga

As a former Clinical Psychology student, Nash is passionate about the study of the mind and human development. After pursuing her doctorate studies to become a Psychologist, Nash realized Psychology was not the path she was to take to serve humanity. Being in various fitness modalities since the age of 13, Nash found through yoga the perfect blend of wellness, health and self-empowerment. Teaching yoga and Aero Yoga since 2014, Nash has found her purpose in life through service, fitness and spirituality. Her love for creativity, travel and self-development led her to bring different styles of yoga such as Aero Yoga to the region of El Paso, TX. As the owner of AeroZen Yoga, she had the vision to create a space that would contribute to the physical, mental & spiritual flexibility of her students in a contemporary way. She believes she is still using Psychology in her teachings, the kind that sits students on a mat instead of a couch.


About the experience

Stretch. Transform. Fly.
Stretch. Transform. Fly.
Stretch. Transform. Fly.
Stretch. Transform. Fly.
Stretch. Transform. Fly.
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per person CASITAS  $3,405 ECO CHIC SUITE  $2,915 PETITE SUITE  $2,495 DELUXE ROOMS  $2,145 SMALL PALAPA  $1,550 BIG PALAPA  $1,480


per person CASITAS  $2,425 ECO CHIC SUITE  $2,110 PETITE SUITE  $1,830 DELUXE ROOMS  $1,620


  • Selected accommodation
  • 3 buffet meals per day
  • Coffee, tea & fruit
  • 2 daily yoga classes
  • Airport & Boat transfers
  • All taxes
  • Jungle trek
  • Meditation class
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