The Buena Vida Retreats

The Buena Vida Retreats

From December 10 to 14, 2023

The Buena Vida Psilocybin Retreats: Highly Rated, Safe, Luxurious Ceremonial Mushroom Healing. Set Intention and experience Joy with the Ceremony of Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms on the gorgeous Mexican coast of Nayarit. This medicine is for those who are looking for an authentic way to pursue their personal journey to consciousness and purpose. During the retreats, we use these mushrooms in a harmonic environment for profound self-exploration, personal integration, and healing. Enjoy a retreat of therapeutic transformation in the Mexican coastal jungle!

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About the teacher

The Buena Vida Retreats

Amanda Schendel

Founder and CEO

Amanda's goal as a Psychedelic Leader & Guide is to bring warm, loving service to humanity. She serves unique medicine not only to guests, but also to facilitators in their growth and development, education, and well-being. Her work includes showing people their true nature, where they’ve lost connections, and giving them the tools to continue their daily work outside of the retreat setting. As an advocate of the safe, responsible use of psychedelics, she strongly supports the use of medicine traditions surrounding their ancient healing.

The Buena Vida Retreats

Autumn Flory


Autumn has been a sensitive soul all her life. Since she can remember, she has been told to "toughen up" and spent a large part of her life believing she wasn’t strong, capable, or worthy. Over time, and with the help of powerful tools like breathwork, energy work, plant medicine, and meditation, she rediscovered that the truth is that her sensitivity is her most powerful asset. Sensitivity is what has given her the opportunity to remain deeply connected to others as they step into a place of transformation.

The Buena Vida Retreats

Ana Judd


Analé embodies the essence of a multifaceted artist and a dedicated educator. A proficient Mexican dancer with a strong commitment to her craft, she also shines as a conscientious yoga, art, movement, and breathwork instructor.

Her global dance odyssey led her to traverse Mexico and beyond, offering her a glimpse into healing modalities such as energy healing, reiki, and trauma response exercises. Her curiosity extended to diverse yoga disciplines, encompassing hatha, vinyasa, restorative, and kundalini, each certification a testament to her years of dedicated study and mastery. Her profound connection to her Aztec roots resonates through her embodiment of traditional Aztec Dance, anchoring her firmly in her heritage and roots.

A transformative phase in Analé's journey occurred during her time at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram. Within its nurturing environment, she discovered the structure, inspiration, clarity, and perspective that propelled her along her chosen path. Recently, she has ventured into the world of massage and myofascial release.

In Analé's story, we witness the harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, artistry and dedication, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Her embodiment of diverse disciplines and her commitment to spreading their benefits exemplify a life devoted to enhancing the well-being of others.

The Buena Vida Retreats

Leo Zuniga

Private chef

Private chef, sociology student and ceremony attendant, lover of Mexican gastronomy and culture.

I am Chef of some retreats and in others I provide support during the ceremonies. I have been working with medicinal plants for the last 3 years in BV learning to connect with myself and my environment.
I am a calm person, I love music, I enjoy moments of peace and solitude, but I also love to share experiences and laughs with everyone in order to see different perspectives.


About the experience

The Buena Vida Retreats
The Buena Vida Retreats
The Buena Vida Retreats
The Buena Vida Retreats
The Buena Vida Retreats


All included


  • Selected accommodation
  • 3 deliciously healthful meals served daily
  • Coffee, tea, fruit and granola
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • Airport transfers and Boat ride to retreat center
  • All taxes
  • Kayak
  • Snorkel Equipment
  • Meditation Classes
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