7 razones por las cuales Xinalani es un lugar lejos del Covid (Artículo en Inglés)

Jean-Baptiste Belledent
by: Jean-Baptiste Belledent
7 razones por las cuales Xinalani es un lugar lejos del Covid (Artículo en Inglés)

As a new Post-CoVid life is getting closer every day, our humble gratefulness goes to the medical staff and all the healthcare professionals who put their lives at risk to fight the virus and save millions of lives. Our deep thoughts of sorrow go to the great too many families who have lost a loved one to this epidemic. We are also worried about the state of affairs in the travel world where thousands have lost their jobs and livelihoods.

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However, Europe is sending us positive news : the pandemic is behind them and they are now resuming a new normal life that includes traveling, seating at cafés and terraces, or what the French call joie de vivre. Humans are social beings and people in Paris, Rome and Madrid are back outside, and are booking their summer vacations.

As of June 15, Puerto Vallarta and the state of Jalisco has re-opened beach resorts, with social distancing measures. While we understand some guests in North America may not yet be ready to make travel plans, let us show you 6 reasons why Xinalani is among the safest retreat destinations.

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1. We have implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols

At Xinalani, our community's health is our utmost priority. We work hard to keep our retreat to the highest standards of hygiene. All crises carry new opportunities: we have ceased this one to enrich our cleaning routines and adopt full scale measures to increase guests and staff safety in every aspect of the Xinalani experience. Click here to read more about our full Covid-free protocol.

2. We are isolated by nature

Xinalani is an isolated sanctuary. Our retreat is only accessible through a 45 min boat ride. It lies away from urban centers, and any possible virus cluster. Far from the busy world, we get very little interaction with outsiders, very few visitors make it to our quiet part of the world. Quimixto, the little fishing village near us has not been affected by Covid-19 so far.

3. We are a private space with low density

Xinalani is built on a 10 acre pristine space of tropical jungle and there are only 33 guest cabins. Our maximum affluence has been 65 guests. Considering guests have direct access to hundreds of yards of sand beach, there's a great deal of social distance to be taken. Also, this summer, we are offering an exclusive deal for guests who want to be the only ones on property. That's right! You can now make Xinalani your own private villa. Travel only with your loved ones and enjoy total peace of mind. Learn more here about our Summer Private Villa special offer.

4. Our open air design gives us great natural ventilation

We are immersed in nature, right on the beach. All our guest rooms are open air. All our facilities are naturally ventilated. Only the 4 luxurious casitas have windows but you're free to leave them wide open. Research has shown that staying in open air areas greatly reduces any risk of contagion. The closeness of the ocean allows for clean air and all the outdoors workout will boost your immune system.

5. Our staff is trained for health, safety and social distancing measures

The number one feedback we get at Xinalani is "your staff is amazing". Our community is friendly and welcoming yet professional. Many of us are natural smilers, although it's harder to tell now with all the face masks, but we go the extra mile to make your retreat an unforgettable experience. We achieve the highest health and safety standards through training the staff at all levels of our small organization to be true to Xinalani's core mission: to plant the seeds of wellness. From boat transportation to guest service, from housekeeping to food and beverages, all our processes have been rethought and our staff retrained to encompass new Covid-Free safety measures. For instance, read here about our room cleaning and sanitizing routine.

6. We are close to hospitals

If anything should happen to you or your loved ones while at Xinalani, you are one short boat ride away to a world-class hospital. Our hosts and boat drivers are on call 24/7 to guarantee your safety and direct access to the best emergency medical attention with plenty of space, bilingual attention and agreements with all major medical insurances.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to comment or discuss any questions you may have about safety at Xinalani. We look forward to having you here in sunny paradise.

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