A Self-Discovery Journey: Climb Xinalani Mountain

Ana Paula Pieck
by: Ana Paula Pieck
A Self-Discovery Journey: Climb Xinalani Mountain

5 reasons why stairs matter at Xinalani

Our experience in a retreat center is unique. It is a place where yogic teachings are integrated into every experience. It should be a self-discovery journey; a challenging adventure where endurance, willingness, and openness are necessary to lead us where we want to go. Traditional Indian ashrams or spiritual retreats all over the world are places to meditate and achieve a deep connection with our inner self. Xinalani is no exception. If you have been to Xinalani or are planning to visit soon, you probably have noticed we have stairs leading everywhere and you might find yourself wondering why. Well, in fact, we have 5 reasons to explain their importance, and we would like to share these with you:


In many ancient cultures, temples are in key geographical points, such as a hill top, near waterfalls, caves, and rivers, as these are worship places and make it easier to contemplate God. The paths that lead to them are no less important because they prepare your mind, body, and soul for the spiritual experience to come. At Xinalani, our yoga studios are located up on the mountain, offering amazing views to the ocean and immersed in pure natural beauty. The yoga practice you will experience here has no comparison. The paths leading to our yoga studios are specially designed to reconnect with your inner self while mindfully climbing to our yogic temples. Let us know how you feel after your first Savasana at our jungle yoga studio!


For a yoga practice you don’t need just a physical warm up, but a spiritual one too. The first one you will get without a doubt while climbing our stairs. Your blood pressure will rise and your muscles will get that warm fussy feeling you love before you start full on your sun salutations. It is also a good way for preventing an injury. Talking about the spiritual warm up, our paths will help you leave behind your daily activities and find the smooth transition to get the concentration and peace you need to start your practice.


Maybe you haven’t really thought of the great effort you do while moving forward through stairs. Well, let’s give a thought to that again.  Climbing stairs are amazing for weight loss and toning your body! The numerous benefits include cardiovascular and conditioning for your lower body, with so much emphasis on your legs, hips, and buttocks. Athletes have been doing this for years as a way to improve fitness and strength. So next time you plan a visit to Xinalani, prepare yourself to feel a great improvement on your way to tightening your tush!


Yoga breathing exercises, or Pranayama in Sanskrit, may be done in association with yoga poses or just while sitting quietly, but the beneficial effects of incorporating Pranayama into your everyday life (walking, eating, sleeping, etc) it is very important: it detoxes your body, balances your nervous system and helps relief stress, among many others.  At Xinalani we know that quite well. Our stairs offer you an opportunity to master the art of breathing control while climbing them. The surrounding beauty, the birds singing, the feeling of the breeze on your skin and the smell of tropical flowers will help you to be present, inhale and exhale your way to health.


In an attempt to minimize our environmental impact, our construction method was extremely organic. No concrete, no land modification. We never cut a single tree, and hardly pruned any branches. We promote an intelligent use of resources. Xinalani Retreat is the art of making our vacation space a sanctuary for the soul, living our experience introduces us to the simplicity, naturalness, and depth of beauty found in nature.  Incorporating the stairs as a path to all our accommodations and facilities is our way to preserve local environment and improve infrastructures. There you have it, these are only a few of the many reasons that can lead us to spend some quality time in a retreat center with plenty stairs and actually enjoy it!

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