Food & Beverages

Do you have wine on the property or do we have to bring our own?

Yes, we serve wine, beer, and a selection of delicious fresh hand shaken, stirred or mixed cocktails. Drinks from outside the resort are not allowed on the property. Want to bring your own bottle? Our corkage fee is US$50 per bottle.

We need animal protein; we like to eat meat, is that possible at Xinalani?

As a matter of fact, and due to popular demand, we have modified our menu to include more fresh fish, seafood, and occasionally some chicken. Please take good note of the fact that our kitchen does not serve red meat.

We are vegan, raw foodist, etc? How’s your menu?

Although we try to cater to mainstream yogis (vegetarian with fish and sea food), our menu may be adapted to our guests’ needs, please send us your specifics at least two weeks before your arrival. We can cater to vegan, raw, gluten free requests. Some requests may trigger an additional fee.
Ask us for a sample of our Menu to have an idea of what will be served during your stay at Xinalani.

I’m allergic to gluten, mushrooms, peanuts, etc..

We can help you, let us know of your food allergy 2 weeks at least before your arrival to the retreat, and we’ll make sure your diet restrictions will be catered to.

Del 15 de Junio al 25 de Septiembre, Xinalani está disponible para reservar como Villa Privada.
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From June 15 to Sept 25, Xinalani is available for reservations as a Private Villa set up.
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