Internet & Communication

Is there Wi-Fi?

No. During your stay at Xinalani, we challenge you to get out of the rat race. Find out how sunrises feel so much better when you don’t rush to check your phone for email. Evenings are magnificent when you focus on the gorgeous beach sunset for yourself and not for your Facebook wall. No text messages, instant messenger or email notifications of any sort, a dream come true. This week you can choose to disconnect and find inner peace.
Of course, each guest has different needs and responsibilities, so you can use Wi-Fi at the frontdesk when it is working. Remember we are located in a remote jungle area with no road access, hence no land telecommunications. Meaning our Wi-Fi connection is usually unstable. Sometimes there can be no Wi-Fi at all for prolonged periods for reasons completely out of our control.

Is there cellular phone service?
We do get a decent cell phone service from major Mexican operators. Guests reported that both AT&T and Verizon work all right.

Del 15 de Junio al 25 de Septiembre, Xinalani está disponible para reservar como Villa Privada.
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From June 15 to Sept 25, Xinalani is available for reservations as a Private Villa set up.
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