Spa Tips & Policies

1. Reservations are made at front-desk. Our receptionists can assist you in the correct selection of your treatments. Listed prices are in USD, all local taxes included.

2. Treatments can be charged to your room’s bill and be payed at check-out.

3. Gratuities are not included. We recommend a minimum of 15% of gratuities for your therapist. You can pay tips in cash directly to the therapist, if not, you can sign for them, they will be charged to your room’s account due at check-out.

4. Please do not forget to show up for your appointment. No-shows will be fully charged to your room’s account.

5. Spa services are not cancelable but can be rescheduled based on Spa availability if advised with 24 hours anticipation.

6. We recommend to be at Xinalani Spa 15 minutes before your appointment. Arriving late will limit the time of your treatment. It is recommended to drink water before your services and to avoid taking a treatment with a full stomach.

7. For all guests who have any ailment or health condition we request to fill our medical survey and notify the Spa therapist before your treatment.

Del 15 de Junio al 25 de Septiembre, Xinalani está disponible para reservar como Villa Privada.
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From June 15 to Sept 25, Xinalani is available for reservations as a Private Villa set up.
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