The Beach

Is the beach swimmable? Is it safe to swim?

Yes the beach is swimmable and safe most of the time. During the winter, from November to March, we’re exposed to North Swells that give us great waves, perfect for surfing. Those waves can be intimidating to some swimmers. The water is clean and beautiful.

Is the Ocean warm enough to swim?

The water is warm enough all year long: low 70s in the winter, and mid-80s in the summer.

Is the beach sandy or rocky?

We are very fortunate at Xinalani because we have immediate access to two wonderful beaches. The one in front of the resort has both sand and great inspiring animal-shaped rocks. It also has private natural coves.
The other beach on the left-hand side when facing the ocean is pure sand. That beach gets a very nice surf break in the winter season from November to April, surfers enjoy that beach a lot.

Are there long chairs and umbrellas on the beach?

Yes, Xinalani has a nice beach club with long chairs, and umbrellas. Ask our waiters for the Bar Menu, and enjoy our special cocktails (mmm margarita!), while relaxing.

Do you have a swimming pool or a hot tub?

Yes, we have a swimming pool. If you’re feeling like a sweat, we can also offer you a rustic steam bath in our temazcal.

Welcome to Xinalani, how can I help you?
Our office hours are from 9am to 6pm (GMT-5).
Bienvenido a Xinalani, ¿En qué puedo ayudarle?
Nuestro horario de atención es de 9am a 6pm.