From June 10 to 15, 2023

This retreat is focused on the ideas of Discharge (releasing, letting go, unblocking, clearing) and Recharging (adding in nourishment, healing, self-care) as a way to find balance in life, we will look at different ways to balance through the lens of the the chakra system.

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About the teacher


Keri Saul

Yoga Teacher

Originally from NYC, I have been living and teaching in Portland OR for the last 8 years. I made my way into a yoga studio in 2007 and I found myself going back over and over again. That studio, community and my practice has supported me through so many transformations and changes in my life. I did my teacher training in 2012 at that same studio, Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, under the guidance of Mary Dana Abbott and Lauren Magarelli.  

I have been inspired by 15+ years of regular practice with brilliant teachers; Mary Dana Abbott, Francesca Bove, Sheri Celentano, Ali Cramer, Lauren Magarelli, Magi Pierce, Ariel Karass, Nikki Vilella and many others.

Additional training hours: 175 advanced training hours from Laughing Lotus NYC; 30 advanced training hours from Light on Lotus Los Angeles; 85 hrs studying Katonah Yoga under the guidance of Mary Dana Abbott 

I continue to refine the teaching I'm known for: steady, rhythmic and creative vinyasa. I use movement and breath to move through challenges on the mat and in life. I believe in the medicine of movement, music, words and nature. It is my wish to share that with you.


Valerie Starr

To me, yoga is about creating space and unraveling the tangles in our body and mind, bringing clarity to the things that get out of focus, and deepening the relationship with self. Yoga is being with the crazy, complicated, playful, and joyful aspects of ourselves and loving them all the same. 

I am inspired in my teaching by growth, challenge, and curiosity. Life is continually calling on us to listen and learn the way our bodies and practices change throughout our lifetime. I use my personal practice to navigate my teaching. I certainly wouldn't be here without the  love and support of my amazing teachers Keith Borden, Jasmine Tarkeshi, KATIE SILCOX, Joy Ravelli, Jane Austin, Annie Carpenter, and my son, Everett.


About the Experience



  • Selected accommodation
  • 3 deliciously healthful meals served daily
  • Coffee, tea, fruit and granola
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Airport transfers and Boat ride to retreat center
  • All taxes
  • Welcome Gift
  • Discount – Early bird
  • Kayak
  • Snorkel Equipment
  • Meditation class
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