Soul Awakening Retreat

Soul Awakening Retreat

From October 19 to 26, 2024

Embark on a transformative journey at our Soul Awakening Retreat. Explore inner strength and purpose through gentle yoga, revitalizing Transformational Breath sessions, and reflective guided meditations. Immerse yourself in tailored workshops, ‘SoulQuest Sessions,’ designed to unveil your profound life purpose. Every moment in this tranquil haven nurtures a deeper self-connection, fostering inner peace and clarity. Join us on this exceptional voyage, where each practice leads to self-discovery and empowerment, awakening your spirit amidst Mexico’s breathtaking coastal paradise.

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About the teacher

Soul Awakening Retreat

Kaely Bell

Yoga and Ayurveda

Kaely, a devoted yogi and Ayurveda enthusiast, merges seven years of teaching and practice into holistic expertise, deeply inspired by these disciplines. As an eternal student, she nurtures transformative wellness journeys, fostering self-discovery and balance. Her teachings reflect continual learning, creating spaces for vitality through yoga and Ayurveda's ancient wisdom. Embracing nature's allure, Kaely's love for the outdoors enriches her practice, intertwining a profound connection with the natural world into her teachings, inviting others to explore harmony within nature's embrace.

Soul Awakening Retreat

Lindsay Maurice

Energy Medicine and Yoga

Lindsay, a seasoned energy medicine practitioner and yoga instructor for over a decade, seamlessly intertwines healing arts. Her nurturing guidance extends from energy work to yoga teachings, fostering transformative experiences. A devoted animal lover, Lindsay's passion infuses her holistic approach. She creates a compassionate space for profound healing and self-discovery, embracing the synergy of ancient practices. With a deep connection to both healing arts and her furry companions, Lindsay enriches her community, fostering harmony and wellness.


About the experience

Soul Awakening Retreat
Soul Awakening Retreat
Soul Awakening Retreat
Soul Awakening Retreat
Soul Awakening Retreat


All included


  • Selected accommodation
  • 3 deliciously healthful meals served daily
  • Coffee, tea, fruit and granola
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • Airport transfers and Boat ride to retreat center
  • All taxes
  • Early-bird Discount
  • Kayak
  • Snorkel Equipment
  • Meditation Classes
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