Your Chakra Journey

Your Chakra Journey

From April 10 to 17, 2021

Explore your inner energy centers using meditation and sensory exercises such as sound, smell, color, and movement.  Learn how to rejuvenate your physical and energetic body by bringing your chakras into balance, creating strength, resilience, peace, and energy to fuel all aspects of your life.

Join us at Your Chakra Journey in Xinalani!

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About the teacher

Your Chakra Journey

Kristi Stangeland

Founder of My ParaVita

Kristi Stangeland is the founder of My ParaVita, a company that helps busy women find balance, wellness and a sense of achievement in all they do by focusing on peace, power, and play. Kristi holds a diploma in Mindfulness Study by the NLP Centre of Excellence and completed the three-year BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program™, begun by Professor Thomas Lin Yun, one of the most renowned Chinese philosophers of our time.

For several years, she has helped women to create opportunities for success and personal fulfillment with meditation, retreats and feng shui.

Your Chakra Journey

Laural Carr

Founder Creative Spirit Yoga

Laural Carr, BFA, RGD, is a Toronto-based FlowYoga practitioner since 1992. She completed her two-year certification in 1996 and has been leading weekly classes since 2000. Her yoga practice supported her and kept her on an even keel through the loss of her father, the birth of her daughter, changes in her 30-year award-winning business and many difficult life events.


About the experience

Your Chakra Journey
Your Chakra Journey
Your Chakra Journey
Your Chakra Journey
Your Chakra Journey
Your Chakra Journey
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per person PETITE SUITE  $3,012 DELUXE ROOMS  $2,590


per person PETITE SUITE  $2,259 DELUXE ROOMS  $2,044


  • Selected accommodation
  • 3 deliciously healthful meals served daily
  • Coffee, tea, fruit and granola
  • 5 Chakra Journey Flow Yoga sessions
  • Airport & Boat transfers
  • All taxes
  • Kayak
  • Snorkel
  • Daily Meditation with Workshops
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