10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers Young and Old

Mira Adora
by: Mira Adora
10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers Young and Old

It’s challenging to buy a gift for a yoga enthusiast. Our solution: get creative! Here are 10 perfect gift ideas for your yoga-loving friend.

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Bath soak

Anyone who is into athletic activities would definitely be down for some bath soak. These come in all shapes and sizes: bath salts, bath flakes, bath pills. Check the ingredients: Eucalyptus is cool and soothing to warmed-up muscles. Aloe vera and natural oils like avocado and jojoba renew the skin. Salts and minerals work their way into tired muscles and refresh the whole body. The possibilities are endless!

A Lotus Pendant

Yoga gear is always appreciated, but odds are your friend also has a preferred brand or style of whatever gear you want to give them. Get around the challenge and give them something that shows you appreciate their love for yoga. A lotus pendant might be just the thing. They don’t need to be in yoga gear in a studio to proclaim their enthusiasm: they just need to dress up a bit and show off the accessories. It’s a great conversation-starter as well!

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A Yoga-Themed Wind Chime

Most yoga enthusiasts have a preferred time for doing their stretches and exercises. One of the best times is early in the morning before the day really heats up. If your friend’s preferred yoga spot has a window or is outdoors, they might appreciate a yoga-themed wind chime to accompany them during their stretches. You can choose a wind chime that literally has yoga poses or one with a lotus theme or other related themes that connect to yoga. It is sure to delight your friend.

Reversible Headband

One thing you can’t go wrong with is a sweat-catching headband. Anyone who has ever had sweat in their eyes knows that it hurts! A headband with moisture-wicking properties is just the thing for a yoga enthusiast, especially if they do their stretches multiple times in a week. That way they can switch up their headbands easily. Just make sure you know if your friend has any fabric allergies or preferences that would help you pick out your gift.

Stretch Strap

Despite the deceivingly slow movements, yoga builds up to different levels. As a result, yoga practitioners often do supplementary exercises that help them perform these more challenging moves and stances. Stretch straps, especially those with multiple handholds, allow your friend to give certain muscles extra workouts so they can up their yoga game. Stretch straps are easy to use, easy to store, and can even be carried around to their favorite gym or park.

Massage Balm

Besides a bath soak, nothing soothes the muscles like relaxing massage balm. Many yoga practitioners know how to massage and soothe their own muscles, so a massage balm would be a very great help. Like with bath soaks, eucalyptus is always a good, classic ingredient. Cassia reduces pain, and natural oils like clove oil and hemp seed oil improve circulation and therefore healing. If all this confuses you, look for anything with eucalyptus, peppermint, or menthol. These all have cooling properties that sore muscles delight in.

Seamless Bra

If you’ve ever tried yoga, you know that your intimate wear slips and slides against your skin with all the movement. For comfort, a seamless bra is the best. However, don’t forget to find the best fitting bra for your friend! A bra that doesn’t fit properly will not be comfortable during the yoga routine. With this gift, you might need more coordination than usual. In other words: it can be a surprise, but make sure it can also be exchanged.

Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Well yes, we did say don’t get the regular yoga gear, but you can make an exception for this one! The best thing about a non-slip yoga mat is that it can be used as an anchor mat for different activities and workouts your friend wants to do. If they have a special yoga mat they want to reduce wear and tear on, they will appreciate a backup mat for other exercises and stretches. Or even to lend to a friend!

Yoga Dice

Haven’t heard of these yet? Yoga dice are etched with different positions, and there are more than one. They are a fun way to change up a workout and allow an experienced yoga practitioner to try out transitions to different poses. We suggest, though, that you give them to friends who have been doing yoga for quite a while—newbies to the art might be overwhelmed and distracted. It certainly won’t help their flow!

Yoga Mat Cleaner

You can’t go wrong with this one. Yoga enthusiasts are careful to keep their gear clean so that it lasts longer and is always in good condition. An antibacterial, antifungal yoga mat cleaner with a light fragrance is sure to be well appreciated. Your friend can either add it to their stockpile of cleaners or, who knows? It might have come at the perfect time! Either way, it’s a solid gift that can easily be kept for a long time.

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