Yoga as a Woman’s Best Friend

Ana Paula Pieck
by: Ana Paula Pieck
Yoga as a Woman’s Best Friend

As a woman gets older, her body naturally changes over time. What is good for a young girl is not the same as what is good for a woman experiencing the magnificence of childbirth or old age. 

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But throughout these stages of life, yoga has the capacity to adapt along with you as well. Yoga can truly be the best companion as a woman transitions through life. Read more below as we guide you through the various stages of a woman’s life and see how yoga can complement and assist in these time periods. 

Yoga During Youth 

An energetic practice for an energetic mind! 

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In youth, women are often full of energy. The best yoga practice for women during youth is a more active style of yoga such as Ashtanga Yoga, Hot Yoga, Rocket Yoga, or Power Yoga. These active styles of yoga harness a woman’s energy and transmit it into something positive. It is also a great way to calm down built-up energy in a young body by giving that high energy a healthy outlet while also building up inner mindfulness. Young couples can also try Acro Yoga, which is another high energy practice that involves a lot of imagination and mindfulness while bonding with your partner. 

Yoga During Athletic Objectives 

Compliment and step-up your athletic training with yoga! 

Yoga is a great complementary practice to any athletic discipline to both heal your body from muscle strains and increase strength, flexibility, and endurance as well. Cross-training with yoga is a great practice particularly for preparing for marathons or in complement to high-impact sports, like tennis. 

Yoga During Pregnancy 

Special yoga practices to support you and your future child. 

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many changes and needs special support and care. Prenatal Yoga offers a series of postures specially adapted for expecting mothers so they can still practice freely and enjoy the balancing benefits of yoga. Some mother-to-be chooses to flow through gentle yoga poses during the early stages of delivery. Hip movements, mindfulness and breathing techniques can help reduce pains and support confidence during the amazing, yet the very confusing challenge of giving birth. Postnatal Yoga helps restore your body and speed up your recovery.

Yoga and Motherhood 

Yoga for the whole family! 

As a mother, you can also involve your children and family in your yoga practice. This makes your yoga practice not only relaxing for you but also fun for the whole family! When your child is an infant, Baby and Mommy Yoga is a great practice to give your child some stimulation and help you relax from the stresses of motherhood. As your children get older, they can also do yoga themselves in Kids Yoga, a special practice aimed at teaching children mindfulness techniques and improving their physical health or flexibility. Yoga can also be done as a whole family at any age with family mindfulness activities. 

Yoga During Menopause 

Relax your body and mind with yoga as you transition into a new stage. 

During menopause, many women experience temperature changes, irritability, and discomfort. Therefore, it is best to use a more calming and gentle practice of yoga, such as Restorative Yoga or Yin Yoga, that can promote mindfulness and relax your body during this changing time. Aerial Yoga can also be a good option.

Yoga for Elders 

Keep your body active and your mind sharp with an engaging yoga practice! 

As you get older, it is very important to stay active both physically and mentally. Yoga and breathing techniques are a great practice for elders to improve their cognitive abilities with meditation and mindfulness and provide relief from the many physical issues that tend to accumulate over time with Therapeutic Yoga. 


Yoga is a dynamic practice that can be a great companion for any woman throughout her entire life! The benefits of mindfulness for the mind and active yoga practice for the body continue throughout childhood and go all the way into old age. So, make sure to continue your yoga practice in all of your life stages as it will greatly help you as you transition through your beautiful feminine life! 

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