Nurture Your Mental Health

Hassan Khan Yousafzai by: Hassan Khan Yousafzai
Nurture Your Mental Health

We, humans, are in constant need of nurturement. We live in a world so vile and stressful that it can drain us of all good energy and drown us in the negativity of many sorts. We hence need to show ourselves constant love and care and take care of ourselves, mind and soul, to keep ourselves from breaking. One major way to achieve this is by getting a body that we can boast. Having a good figure has been linked to a feeling of buoyancy. But not everything is as easy as doing squats, or lifting weights, or using breast actives to get bigger breasts. Mental well-being runs much deeper than that and below we talk about some basic steps that bring us closer to it:

Eat healthily:

All parts of our body, including the brain, are influenced by our diet. So, by eating better, we can make our minds betters. By eating foods that elevate our mood such as serotonin-inducing foods, and fruits and fish, etc., we will start to ourselves feel a change in our perspective about life and our surroundings. It also helps to cut down on our substance abuse as it has been directly linked with feelings of lowness and anxiety. Going sober or at least controlling our consumption of alcohol and other intoxicants, we have a good chance of improving our mental well-being.

List down things you are grateful for that help your mental health:

It is true when they say that it isn’t happiness that brings us gratitude, it’s gratitude that brings us happiness. Being thankful has long been linked with bliss. The best way to go about this is to maintain a journal where we can enter every day what we are grateful for. We can also start to make daily lists of our blessings to remind ourselves and read through them when we are feeling blue.

Laugh more:

Laughing does more good for your body than any medicine could. Laughing has been proven to release endorphins that make us feel good, while simultaneously ridding our body of tension and stress. Having a humorous outlook on life can also reduce the threat we feel when in difficult situations. One study even claimed that laughing can increase our lifespan!

Keep yourself occupied:

Indulge in activities that mean something to you. Don’t allow yourself time to wallow in sorrow.    Go out and have fun, get a hobby that you can direct your free time towards, or simply keep yourself occupied with work. Staying busy with healthy activities will mean you’ll have less time to ponder over negative thoughts or scenarios. But we mustn’t overwork ourselves because that would, in turn, add to the negativity and instead of feeling better, we would end up feeling worse. 

Surround yourself with positivity:

Our friends and family together make up our support system. By spending time around the right sort of people, allow ourselves and escape from the hustle-bustle of everyday life. Having someone who values us also boosts our self-confidence which further lifts our spirits. It is often recommended by doctors and psychiatrists to their patients that they cut out people who drain them and hang out with people who reenergize them.

Work out:

Activities that make us sweat have long been known to better our bodies. The fact that they also improve our mood is no secret either. It isn’t necessary though that we sweat, any amount of physical exertion will do us good. So, we don’t necessarily have to dedicate hours and hours of our precious time at a gym, we could just go for a walk and it would still help. Yoga and meditation help too. They increase our mindfulness which then allows us to direct our thoughts towards constructive emotions and ignore gloomy thoughts. Bonus points if you can manage to complete rituals out, in the open, under mother nature’s eye.

Be compassionate to yourself:

Most of us have a tendency to be tough on ourselves. We can make most people in the world happy while being constantly disappointed in ourselves. This comes from a lack of self-love. It might seem unimportant to us, but this is actually the first step towards leading an improved life.  We can start off by practicing small acts of kindness towards ourselves such as encouraging ourselves to feel pride over a seemingly insignificant achievement. Be gentle to respectful to yourself. Purge your mind of bitterness you feel for yourselves, stop pushing yourself down for making mistakes. You’re human and humans aren’t perfect.

We cannot afford to be negligent of ourselves in a time where nobody has time to look out for another. We must not forget the importance of nurturing not only our mind but also our mind and soul.