8 Reasons dŌterra is the #1 Essential Oil Company

Sara-Grace Newhall
by: Sara-Grace Newhall
8 Reasons dŌterra is the #1 Essential Oil Company

In the world of so many choices, how do we know what we’re getting? WHAT is inside those little aromatherapy bottles becomes the biggest question when it comes to Essential Oils, because, these days, they are absolutely everywhere!

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The fact that so many people are seeking alternative solutions to solve their emotional and physical ailments makes me incredibly happy. But, buyer beware! Without intention, you may be purchasing oils that end up doing more harm than good. If you’re going to take a step in the right direction, you might as well understand what you are getting when you purchase an Essential Oil (EO). As a longtime EO user, with a developed olfactory system, I can smell when chemicals have been mixed into the oils with just one little inhalation. 

And this is why I choose dōTERRA:

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1. Best quality essential oil in the world.

Period. The ingredients for each oil are grown in native areas, supporting local economies and communities.

dōTERRA oils have absolutely NO adulterations and NO synthetic markers. Period. Each bottle is tested for purity. dōTERRA’s process helps identify contaminants. Did you know that once your oils have been adulterated their healing properties exponentially decline or are entirely eradicated?

It is good to know that dōTERRA oils are Pure Therapeutic Grade. Many of the oils one buys at stores like Saje, Whole Foods, and even the Mayo Clinic are often cut with chemical compounds. Have you ever noticed the oils they sell in stores like these, even if they come from edible plants, should not be ‘ingested’? Well, that is because they are cut with impurities.

You will never wonder with dōTERRA. If you want to know what is in your bottle of oil, all you need to do is enter the unique number found on the bottom here. There, you will find that particular EO’s purity, strength, and composition every time!
Lastly, beware of “fake” oils sold on Amazon. They are often “copies”, coming from foreign countries. The only way you can be absolutely sure you’re buying dōTERRA oils is through an official dōTERRA Wellness Advocate or Authorized Retailer.

2. The BEST oil company culture!

As a headhunter, I’ve spent years studying what kinds of situations and ways of doing business help enterprises thrive. dōTERRA is a true leader in this regard. 

The comparison I always think of is when the “dinosaur” of industry (in this case, Young Living), is replaced by a cutting-edge company that does all of the things the “big guy” missed. The founders of dōTERRA come from Young Living, and the difference in the culture between the two companies says it all. (PS: This is not a blog written to dig into YL – I love some of their blends too. Without YL there would be no dōTERRA!)

But here’s (one of the) difference(s):

  • dōTERRA is a company that supports its leaders, communities, and the environment and truly GIVES BACK. Their philosophy is centered around serving and healing others.
  • dōTERRA grows its base products in indigenous areas around the world and supports local communities, globally.
  • The company also actively works with native populations to recultivate, reforest and regenerate the Earth’s resources

3. They have fantastic customer service!

Not only is dōTERRA an excellent company internally, but its external assistance is also incredible! They are quick to answer the phone (or email), exchange or return a product, or give you feedback on your blog/website. Plus everyone there always seems to be in a really “sunny” mood (maybe it’s the Wild Orange Oil diffusing)! As a Wellness Advocate, I always feel confident my customers and team members will receive the very best treatment from dōTERRA’s back office crew!

4. I love the business model – Network Marketing.

And it is too bad that many people judge this way of working without understanding its economics! You might say, “oh, a pyramid ‘scheme.’” But, there is nothing at all about Network Marketing that is a pyramid! I’ve been running an International headhunting firm for over 25 years. I’ve seen and witnessed dozens of business models in my career and am a TRUE BELIEVER that Network Marketing is the wave of the FUTURE! (Warren Buffet is too!).

In the Network Marketing business model customers (and Wellness Advocates) do not pay for OVERHEAD to have big box-stores everywhere (think rent, and salaries for uncommitted, uneducated employees). Instead, the money saved by not paying these significant expenses is reinvested back into dōTERRA’s educators and the communities it supports.

When one begins to use (and potentially later teach about) dōTERRA, the oils become part of a Wellness Practice. Like a yoga practice, this never ends. An “Oil Practice” is something we’re continually doing as we heal ourselves and others. As we learn about the benefits of dōTERRA, we consciously and unconsciously begin to teach. The Network Marketing business model, which is all about education, works well when it comes to Essential Oils. The learning and the teaching never end! Subsequently, joining dōTERRA (either as a Wholesale Customer or as a Wellness Advocate) becomes a self-development practice, with a paycheck!

5. I love helping other people! 

If we’re not serving others in some way in this life, what are we doing?

dōTERRA is a company that aids us ALL in helping others! Once we begin using these sacred products, it is challenging NOT to share them! I know this from my own experience, just existing with the oils! Through dōTERRA I have:

  • Assisted my mother in clearing up her skin issues.
  • Helped my doorman heal his head tension.
  • Recommended oils so my client could cure her insomnia.
  • Shown a yoga student how to soothe her lower back pain.
  • Helped a friend reset his digestive system.
  • Shown my 84-year-old aunt which dōTERRA oils she should use to recover from knee replacement surgery.
  • This list goes on and on!

I dare YOU to try sharing dōTERRA’s products and see what happens!

6. They have the BEST Team of Wellness Advocates

Along with the best essential oils, company, service, and business model where I can help other people is the TEAM of Wellness Advocates with whom I work!

Through dōTERRA, I have been welcomed into the best community on the planet. My primary dōTERRA mentor, Elena Brower, is committed to personal growth and being her best self. She serves not only our team but also members from other dōTERRA organizations. When I see Elena aiding so many people, I can’t help but do the same. Through dōTERRA, I have been inspired by not only numerous accounts of financial success but also by healing that has happened in millions of homes and communities globally. Elena has done a fantastic job transmitting these stories, and I am ever grateful to have access to her and to our community of global healers who are on a mission to serve. Through dōTERRA, I have learned that the Essential Oil movement is genuinely a Wellness Revolution! The best thing is, there’s room for EVERYONE – JOIN US!

7. The Lifestyle.

Did I mention becoming a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate has been a massive part of my saying Hell Yes to life? Incorporating a daily “Oil Practice” helped catalyze whatever was keeping me stuck. Many people can point to one or two specific oils that got them “moving.” Mine was Cedarwood, which cured my perpetual insomnia, and remains a go-to oil in times of stress. There are dozens of different oils, and one may be attracted to particular essences at any given time, depending on what is ailing them.

But what I find INTERESTING is how ONE single oil can start a domino effect. Getting enough sleep was that impetus for me. (For others it may be using an EO to get their digestion going, stay sober, rid them of head-tension, ease their back pain, the list goes on). My point here is that these oils, and subsequently the business opportunity, can and does CHANGE LIVES for the better.

As I write this now, I am LIVING IN MY DREAM, in Paris, working with dōTERRA and thriving. Joining Elena’s team was an essential part of this shift, and working with dōTERRA has redefined what it means to serve others, doing the things I love!

8. Blue Cross / Blue Shield now recognizes dōTERRA’s value.

Blue Cross / Blue Shield of NYC offers a Wellness Card covering $250 of dōTERRA products per year. I was amazed to see this news! At the same time, I was not surprised dōTERRA was chosen as THE essential oil company to support.

Why does Blue Cross / Blue Shield offer to pay up to $250/year for their customers to have the option of dōTERRA?

Because these oils work!

And this revolution is just beginning. I believe more and more insurance companies will wake up to the fact that people want solutions other than synthesized pills or ointments.


Are YOU Interested in learning more about dōTERRA or joining the dōTERRA Wellness Revolution? 

Please send me an email or click here! Namaste!

Photo Credits to Wendy K. Yalom 

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