The Xinalani Temazcal Experience

Jean-Baptiste Belledent
by: Jean-Baptiste Belledent
The Xinalani Temazcal Experience

The Xinalani Temazcal Experience is one of the amazing activities you can enjoy during your Yoga Retreat with us, helping you to build self-power & mindfulness!


A Temazcal is a type of sweat lodge which originated with pre-hispanic Indigenous peoples in Mexico and Mesoamerica. The word Temazcal comes from the Nahuatl word temazcalli that means “house of heat”. In ancient Mexico, it was used as part of a curative ceremony to purify the body after a battle or a ceremonial ball game. It was also used for healing the sick, improving health, and for women to give birth. It continues to be used today in Indigenous cultures and spas of Mexico and Central America for cleansing of mind, body and spirit.

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The Temazcal experience helps you build self-power and mindfulness since it produces many therapeutic benefits such as:

1 – It helps your body to release toxins through sweating. Cleaning it from all that has been accumulating over the years.

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2 – At the same time, it opens the heart, relaxing the mind and helping to release stress and unfinished relationships.

3 – It is a powerful medicine that helps us connect with our inner self. Giving us power and endurance to face every challenge of life.

4 – It is a forgiveness and acceptance ceremony. Leaving behind toxic thoughts, behaviors, and even fears.

5 – The process that your mind is going through helps you understand many of the thoughts that have been around for a long while. Helping you make better decisions.

And for those who would like to enjoy the many benefits of a rustic steam bath in our Temazcal but don’t necessary want to experience the whole ceremony, Xinalani offers to set up steam bath sessions upon request.


Our experienced shaman will guide you through the various phases of the ceremony. Before entering the Temazcal you will be cleansed with copal tree smoke and will turn to salute the four directions (North, South, East and West). After that, the group will get comfortable inside the Temazcal and the heated volcanic rocks will be placed in a pit located in the center. Then the door will be covered with a blanket, sealing in the heat. Medicinal herbs such as copal tree, lavender and rosemary will be thrown on the stones to create a sweet-smelling vapor.

As water and herbs are poured over hot volcanic rocks, the ceremony will start with chants and the aromatic steam cleansing and refreshing your entire body. The ceremony is about one hour long. The shaman will open the door four times throughout the ceremony to bring in hotter stones (the door opens aprox. every 15 minutes). After the last door opening, you may refresh yourself in the cooling waters of the sea or rinse off using our beach club freshwater shower.


• Temazcal is not a spa treatment: it is a purification and therapeutic heat ceremony. • Temazcal is heated to high temperatures. The body may reach a temperature of 104°F (40°C) during the ceremony. • Please don’t enter to the Temazcal ceremony if you have any ailment or health condition such as high blood pressure, claustrophobia or diabetes. Women who are pregnant and menstruating are advised to avoid the ceremony. • Please drink water before the ceremony. • Leaving the Ceremony before it finishes is always possible. To not disturb the other participants, you may wait for the door to open. • Bring with you: Bathing suit, towel, comfortable dry clothes, sandals • Avoid: Use of make-up, sunscreen or products that block the sweating, alcoholic beverages and/or heavy meals before the Temazcal.


The Temazcal’s architecture: It is a circular and dark dome imitating a woman’s womb. Tradition says it is Mother Nature’s womb and that each participant enters again to be reborn and rejuvenated.

The volcanic stones: They are the ones that are creating the medicine (heat) inside the Temazcal. In the ceremony, they are called “grandmothers” because they were the first ones to settle the world.

The fireplace: It is used to heat the volcanic stones or “grandmothers” just before the ceremony. In the ceremony, it is called “grandfather”.

The 4 doors: Represent the 4 directions and the 4 elements

1. The door of the East represents the Fire 2. The door of the South represents the Water 3. The door of the West represents the Earth 4. The door of the North represents the Wind

Tradition says that energies from the center of the Earth and the four elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Wind – are summoned to harmonize your spirit and body.

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