Repeat After Me – Mantra

Kristi Stangeland by: Kristi Stangeland
Repeat After Me – Mantra

Did you know the term “mantra” has earned a spot in the Urban Dictionary? It defines as “A point emphasized to be the essential point or phrase of something.” But faithful meditators know that a mantra is something more powerful than that.


Mantra is derived from the Sanskrit words “manas” (mind) and “tra” (tool.) When done correctly, a mantra is a tool we can use to quiet the mind. By repeating, either out loud or silently, a sound, word or phrase. The vibrations can quiet our thinking mind (beta) and bring us to a relaxed state (alpha). In fact, research studies continue to demonstrate that repeating a particular word or phrase can be a powerful antidote to stress and anxiety.

Mantra Roots

Although the term “mantra” has its roots in Buddhism and Hinduism. The mantra you use in meditation does not have to be rooted in Eastern ideology. It could be a name, a positive thought or often, just a sound. But what many people may not realize is that we all have our own unique mantra. Which is the specific sound or vibration the universe was making at the time of our birth?

I received it more than 10 years ago and have consistently used it ever since. For me, the benefits of using this mantra in my meditation practice have increased my insights and compassion and have also improved my health. I think it is the reason I haven’t had a cold or flu in the last two years!

I often hear from clients who have let their meditation habits lapse that they were unable to quiet their minds so they could successfully meditate. Using mantras is one of the best ways to achieve a richer, regular practice with a deeper level of awareness for more peace and better health in your life.


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