Simple Ways To Bring More Joy Into Your Life

Bertha Thomas by: Bertha Thomas
Simple Ways To Bring More Joy Into Your Life

Life is filled with constant distractions and demands, especially in this modern era where we are so used to being “connected,” digesting all sorts of information 24/7. Each day is full of changes that require constant decision making and focus. It can get pretty overwhelming sometimes.

So, how do we find the joy and motivation to carry on with our fast-paced lives? How do we stay present? The answer relies in cultivating self- love every day by creating small rituals of our own.

We are creatures of habit and we all engage in several rituals each day, but we are so busy that we hardly ever notice their potential to become a comforting influence in our overall well-being.

The truth is that when we feel better we do everything better. Incorporating small rituals into our daily routine will help us feel more centered and present in the moment, they open the gateway to our creativity and positively affect the way we approach things. I invite you to keep reading and discover some ways to cultivate this wonderful practice.

  • Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier Start the day by doing something you love. It doesn’t have to be complex or take up a lot of your time. Read a chapter of a book, take a longer shower, sip some hot tea (make your bed if you’re feeling productive!) This simple change will set you in a positive and peaceful mindset to begin your day.
  • Eat mindfully Do you find yourself eating in front of the TV or looking at your phone? When we eat absent-mindedly we often don’t realize how much we eat or how the food actually tastes. We may be fueling our bodies and eating healthy, but are we really enjoying it? Take time to look at your food, avoid distractions. Make an effort to sit down and fully focus on what you’re eating. Enjoy every bite and pay attention to how your food smells and tastes. Do you like it? How does it make you feel? Try to have a least one mindful meal a day free of distractions.
  • Find unexpected ways to relax – Don’t wait till the weekend to de-stress and unwind. Allow yourself the time to take a pause when you need it. Go outside, take deep breathes, perform self-massage, have a glass of wine, take baths, listen to a new song, go for a long walk. Open the window and let fresh air come into your space. Take yourself out on a date and buy yourself a tiny treat (I love getting myself flowers!). You’ll discover that you don’t need a whole weekend to unwind!
  • Declutter your life – There’s this universal idea that accumulating stuff is going to make us happier, better, prettier .. You name it. The reality is that the more we accumulate the unhappier we become because we always keep wanting more. It’s never enough – I’ve been there too. You get freedom and more space! The book “The Joy of Less” inspired me to embrace this practice and make it a habit – It has made my life easier and more simple in many ways. Take the time to look around your house and remove clutter. Give important items specific spaces. Trash papers you don’t need as soon as they enter the house. Keep items in your home that you truly love. Embrace the things that serve you and say goodbye to the things that don’t.

“When you give unneeded things away, you get something in return”  Francine Jay, The Joy of Less

  • Slow down around bedtime – I recommend turning off all of your electronics an hour before you go to bed (or at least keep them out of reach). Take that time to journal, read, meditate, or spend more time with your loved ones. This quiet time allows you to clear your mind and enjoy the present moment without wondering what happens in the outside world. Honor this time, it’s yours to enjoy.


Happiness is not a destination

How we approach things in our daily life changes everything. Having a positive attitude helps us feel more optimistic and brings satisfaction into our lives no matter the situation. Whichever ritual you perform, it’s all in your hands. Find what feels right for you today and keep cultivating this beautiful practice. It doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. Rituals need to be performed consciously and regularly. It’s not just about the big changes, but the small moments of happiness that can transform our entire day. Positive energy is yours to be welcomed – into your life, into your home. Magic happens and the magic is you.