Mind, body and soul | Wellness vacation | Xinalani - Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Body, mind & spirit

A sanctuary for self-discovery

What makes Xinalani so special is that it’s a sanctuary for the soul. Restore mind and body equilibrium and inspire the spirit. Sleep in beautiful eco-chic accommodations and enjoy delicious and healthy Mexican food. Practice yoga in world class yoga studios.



We support our guests on their search for balance and personal growth. We invite all to experience “a healthy lifestyle”, which exists not only during yoga class but 24 hours a day. This includes nature, exercise, down time, holsitic therapies, eco-tours, good sleep, wholesome food and lots of fun.

Join us in paradise and nurture your wellbeing. Click here to find out more about more about Xinalani’s Yoga and Holistic Activities

We also offer a selection of free online classes for those who would like to retreat with us from the comfort of their living room.

Welcome to Xinalani, how can I help you?
Our office hours are from 9am to 6pm (GMT-5).
Bienvenido a Xinalani, ¿En qué puedo ayudarle?
Nuestro horario de atención es de 9am a 6pm.