Privacy Policy

According to the explicit commitment of confidentiality established in you can trust that the information entered in the required fields will be solely and exclusively to contact the users interested in obtaining information about our products and / or services. In this way, specifically commits to the following:

∙ The personal information provided by the client will be used exclusively for direct contact with the user and their transactions with us. Under no circumstances the data or information obtained will be used for purposes other than those previously established.

∙ The personal data provided by interested users will be used for the benefit of the transactions agreed with so that the information will be used to offer answers about our products and / or services, as well as to answer specific questions.

∙ respects your privacy and will not sell, distribute or provide your mail to third parties for any reason. So by providing any type of information, you can be assured that your data will be used exclusively for your benefit. In is not in any case our interest or objective the marketing of personal data or information obtained through our customers.

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