Root to Rise Yoga Retreat

Root to Rise Yoga Retreat

From November 7 to 14, 2020

Root to Rise Yoga Retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in
nature and ground down into your energetic truth. Let this time
allow you to finally listen to your needs and come back to your
truest love—yourself. Xinalani is nestled between 10 acres of lush
jungle and the pristine private shores of Banderas Bay where you
will be able to tune into the sound of the forest and dive into the
nurturing waves of deep-ocean.

Join us at Root to Rise Yoga Retreat!

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About the teacher

Root to Rise Yoga Retreat

Hannah Franke

Yoga Teacher

Yoga translated from Sandskrit means union—this union is between body, mind, and breath; but it is also the union between people. My personal mission is to ignite community and build connection. I strive to build a safe space for individuals to explore their physical and mental boundaries while unlocking their personal power on and off the mat.I teach a flowing and invigorating class format that links breath to movement, and movement with joy. My classes aim to foster happiness by cultivating communal breath and vibrant physical expression.

Root to Rise Yoga Retreat

Lydia Minehan-Tubic

Yoga Teacher

I started practicing at a yoga studio in 2016, and 4 months later I signed up for their teacher training program. Just like my own practice, my teaching style is playful and curious. These two pillars allow me to bring an open mind and heart to my classes so students can physically, mentally, and emotionally explore themselves in a safe and welcoming space. I offer options for all practitioners to explore both the effortful and effortless parts of the practice. My sequences are rooted in anatomy with sprinklings of creativity to fully drop into your body and breath.


About the experience

Root to Rise Yoga Retreat
Root to Rise Yoga Retreat
Root to Rise Yoga Retreat
Root to Rise Yoga Retreat
Root to Rise Yoga Retreat
Root to Rise Yoga Retreat
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All included


per person SMALL PALAPA  Early bird $1,805 - After May 1st $1,905 BIG PALAPA  Early Bird $1,750 - After May 1st $1,850


per person DELUXE ROOMS  Early Bird $1,885 - After May 1 st $1,985


  • Selected accommodation
  • 3 buffet meals per day
  • Coffee, tea & granola
  • 2 daily Yoga classes
  • Aiport & boat transfers
  • All taxes
  • Early Bird Prices
  • Kayak
  • Snorkel
  • Beach bonfire
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