Staycation: 9 Simple Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Wellness Retreat

Xinalani Staff
by: Xinalani Staff
Staycation: 9 Simple Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Wellness Retreat

It can be easy just to let the waves of life take you in today's fast-paced world. However, this can lead to stress and anxiety, compromising your overall well-being.

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That said, you should have a place where you can lie down and rest your weary head. Yes, we are talking about your home.

But what if your house is not tranquil enough to encourage rest and relaxation?

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Do not worry, because we are here to help! In this post, we will share nine easy ways you can transform your home into a wellness retreat.

1. Have a designated room

Designate a room or a corner in your home that will help bring about a sense of calm within. For instance, you can turn your bedroom into your relaxation room or sleep sanctuary. This means that you aren't allowed to work or even watch television in that room.

You can even decorate your sleeping space with watery blues, as it promotes a relatively tranquil, lakeside feeling. Apart from that, soft beddings help promote overall calmness and coziness in your room.

Ideally, your relaxation room should also be carpeted, with insulation windows and dimmable lights.

2. Let the light in

Being in dark spaces can primarily affect your mood or the ability to make healthier choices- like eating healthy and exercising. When unhappy, people tend to make the wrong choices, such as emotional eating.

It also helps to open doors first thing in the morning when you wake up or get home from work to let the flow of air and light come in.

Of course, not everyone will have access to natural light, but you can always look for patches of sunlight in your home that you can retreat to.

3. Clean and declutter

There's nothing more distracting than seeing clutter everywhere. Plus, it can make winding down, working out, and meditation extra challenging.

At Maid Sailors Cleaning Services NYC, we always tell our clients that it's hard to turn a space into a wellness retreat if it is a mess.

So before you begin your mindfulness practice, you should clean and declutter your space first. Once done, you can equip the space of things you will need.

It can be a yoga mat, scented candle, and soft music. In other cases, it can be your yoga mat and some dumbbells.

4. Make your home smell good

Although they're holistic in origin, adding in a little bit of aromatherapy can help transform your home into a wellness retreat.

You can also add certain oils to your bath using an oil burner and then gently massaging it to your skin.

Lavender, for example, is excellent because it has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and soothing properties. Its application helps reduce joint pain and even stress.

You can also purchase scented candles so that you can fill your room with a lovely, calming scent. Ensure that you get the ones that are eco-friendly and taken from essential oils rather than more artificial fragrances.

Eventually, these candles will be emitted into the air (and you'll be breathing it) So, make sure that you choose high-quality ingredients so that you can reap the benefits.

5. Get physical

In the same way, you should also take some time to do some physical activity.

By getting physical and focusing on your body, you're giving your brain that chance to slow down. You are also allowing your goals to settle in your subconscious mind.

You can go for a brisk walk outdoors, swim, run, or choose a simple workout that you can do at home.

You should also know your current fitness level and ability so that you can be guided. Going for a little bit of cardio and then following afterward with stretching and yoga is a great combination.

6. Bring your plants inside

Adding a simple vase with flowers or bringing in a potted plant is one of the best ways to keep your space special and boost your overall mood.

Plants also help clean the air that we breathe, get rid of toxins from the air, and serve as little oxygen factories. Studies show that spending more time in nature helps reduce blood pressure and cortisol (aka the stress hormone).

Ensure that you also spend some time outdoors, in your garden, or whatever green space you might have at home.

7. Meditate

A little bit of mindfulness and meditation can go a long way. It's actually great for the soul.

A Harvard study even showed that participants who went through an eight-week meditation program reduced grey matter in their brains. This amount of grey matter in your brain correlates with the stress and anxiety you are feeling.

According to the New York Insight Meditation Center, you can start your routine by sitting practice for a couple of minutes every morning. Then, sit tall in a place that you're reserved solely for meditating.

Afterward, start to focus on your breathing, such as the rise and fall of your chest. You can start with ten breaths, and over time, you can improve on your meditation practice.

8. Unplug

If you're like most people, your phone may be the first and last thing you look at every day.

But unplugging from technology (your smartphones, iPad, laptop) every once in a while will do you some good.

Doing so allows you to sleep a lot better and even decrease your anxiety.

If you find yourself increasingly restless without your nightly binge on Netflix, then maybe you need to hit the local bookstore or head outdoors.

9. Schedule Some Down-Time

Finally, make room for some downtime. This is when you usually carve out a time for yourself to do wellness activities. This can include reflecting on the things that you are grateful for just cherishing the moment.

Often, we try to cram all our activities in a single day, then we end up stressed and anxious.

Hopefully, the nine practical tips listed above will allow you to create a blissful and calming wellness retreat at home. So, go ahead, and start to reap the benefits of the at-home wellness retreat you've created for yourself!

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