New Beginnings: A Daily Dose of Joy

Jennifer Schelter, MFA, YTT 500
by: Jennifer Schelter, MFA, YTT 500
New Beginnings: A Daily Dose of Joy

As a writer, yoga and meditation teacher, my passion and interest is the universal human stories we tell ourselves. Specifically, how do humans release suffering and experience joy or healing? The human story is one of pain, evolution and compassion. After 30 years of professional work and study, there’s one thing I know for sure: Reflecting on joy helps us grow and heal and is always at our fingertips. 

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But how? 

Writing is meditation and journaling can enhance our path and help us feel joy. Here’s a writing prompt to lead you closer to joy or a new beginning. 

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It will take 5 minutes, a pen and a notebook. 

Step 1: Write JOY MAP at the top of your page. 

Close your eyes, take three conscious breaths and feel your heart beat. Focus on the word: INSTIGATOR. Sit in the seat of being the instigator of your joy. The word has its roots in instinct. Trust your instincts; your senses and body as truth teller. As the instigator you are in control of what you focus on. If it’s helpful, say out loud: I am the instigator of my attention and focus. I allow myself to focus on what gives me joy. I allow myself write what gives me joy and peace.  

Step 2: Write: What gives me joy is…

For 5 minutes, write a stream of consciousness list of what gives you joy. List everything that comes to you from the past, present and possibilities for your future. Allow yourself to have fun and enjoy the process of listing your joys.

Step 3: Read what you wrote. Circle joys that standout.

What resonates with your growth or current life situation? Take as much time as you need to design a map of your joy. Maybe it’s a treasure map, maybe you circle what you know you need to include in your day. Maybe it’s writing, growing your path of joy, wellbeing and authenticity. Maybe it’s travel, a new job, being open to the unknown or a new way of being in the world. Take to heart what you wrote: this is a map of your joy. Decide on one courageous action that furthers your joy and schedule it: Do it. Don’t rush, but don’t delay. Be the joy you seek. Take courageous action. 

Over fifteen years ago I instigated a spark of joy, and created the Radiant Retreat; a transformative, life enhancing retreat of yoga, meditation and writing in the natural beauty of Mexico. For years it’s fostered healing, beauty, fun and transformative friendships.  

Remember: You can spark joy, instigate courageous action and act on it. 

Can you feel it? You can do it. 

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Jennifer Schelter

Radiant Retreat - New Beginnings

From February 10 to 17, 2024

The Radiant Retreat 2024 is about new beginnings, self-care and the joy of self-acceptance. Jennifer Schelter (the founder) is excited to welcome you to a transformational, rejuvenating week of yoga, meditation, creative writing for self-discovery, and plenty of free time for daily swims in the ocean, hikes along the shores or long naps in a hammock. The Radiant Retreat is for those who love outdoors, fresh food, movement, contemplation, creativity, listening to the waves and find something new about themselves that feels so so good in mind, body and soul.

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