Our 5 step room turnover enhanced cleaning routine

Jean-Baptiste Belledent
by: Jean-Baptiste Belledent
Our 5 step room turnover enhanced cleaning routine

We would like to offer you a peek at our room cleaning protocol. Our housekeepers are trained to use comprehensive checklists.

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Step 1: Prepare

  • Housekeepers must wear protective gear: masks, hair net, gloves.
  • Open room and ventilate. Open all windows and blinds, turn on ceiling and floor fans.
  • Empty trash cans and take out garbage.
  • Wash all linen at the highest possible temperature.
  • Avoid shaking used linens, that could increase the spread of germs.
  • Change disposable gloves before handling any clean linens.

Step 2: Cleaning

  • Dust the space and sweep or vacuum the floor. 
  • Use of extendable duster to clean hard-to-reach areas such as high shelves and beams.
  • Clean all hard surfaces with soap and water.
  • Disinfect soft surfaces with superheated pressured steam (mattresses, mosquito nettings, stores, carpets, cushions, hammocks)
  • Full Bathroom cleaning (spray, scrub, rinse, disinfect and dry) with multi-surface cleaning product, specifically:
    • toilet 
    • shower floor and walls
    • sink
    • countertop
    • all faucets
    • mirror
    • floors

Step 3: Sanitize all high touch areas

  • Once a hard surface is clean, spray with disinfectant.
  • All our housekeeping staff has received proper education on how to use sanitizer according to manufacturer guidelines.
  • Target in priority doorknobs, light switches, electronic appliances, in-room leaflets, nightstands lamps and switches. 
  • Let the disinfectant stand for the specified length of time this allows the products time to kill as many germs as possible. 
  • When possible, allow the surface to air-dry.

Step 4: Check

  • Carefully review room check-list and ensure all has been cleaned according to standard. 
  • Personnel washes hands with soap and water. Alternatively use 80% alcohol hand sanitizer when away from sink.
  • Change of gloves and cleaning cloth.

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