Our full enhanced Health and Safety Protocol

Jean-Baptiste Belledent
by: Jean-Baptiste Belledent
Our full enhanced Health and Safety Protocol

At Xinalani, our company's mission is to plant the seeds of wellness. We take our community's health and safety very seriously. We are committed to following strict rules of social distancing and we implemented enhanced hygiene protocols which granted us the WTTC's Safe Travels stamp. Some activity offerings may be modified, limited in capacity or cancelled. Inquire with us.

Xinalani's All Inclusive Packages

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Prior notice: Guests should travel responsibly

We kindly request our guests to follow common sense guidelines. 

- Avoid social gatherings in your home country for at least two weeks preceding your arrival at Xinalani.

Beautiful Eco Chic Rooms and Beach Casitas

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- Communicate with us freely about your situation and your expectations before, during and after your retreat.

- Wear protective masks and use hand sanitizer regularly in taxi, transportation, in airports, inside aircraft and through security gate at the marina.

- Cancel travel if any symptom or if you've been in direct contact with a Covid bearer, our cancellation policy is flexible.

- Upon getting on Xinalani's boat you will be asked to take a courtesy temperature check, then you will fully enjoy a safe haven and you will be granted much more liberty. 

- Please trust our staff to take care of your health and safety.

Staff Barrier gestures:

All personnel have been thoroughly trained to apply barrier gestures and social distancing measures. When working at Xinalani, we must:

- Check temperature at entrance each workday*

- Wear protective masks

- Wash hands regularly

- Sneeze and cough into elbow

- Avoid touching face

- Use disposable single-use handkerchiefs

- Salute at a 6 ft distance

* We have stay-home policy for any employee displaying any symptoms or an increased temperature as per World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines

Staff safety action plan

- Employee time clock is now contactless 

- Hand sanitizers in common back-of-house areas 

- Enhanced Sanitation and Disinfection protocol in staff kitchens, locker rooms and high touch areas

- Staggered entrance and distance between seats in staff dining area

- Code of conduct and guidelines are marked where possible to clearly communicate to staff

- Due to the low incidence of COVID in our region and recent directives from the Jalisco government, the use of protective masks in Xinalani is optional for guests and staff, however its use remains mandatory only for food and beverage staff.

- Continuous monitoring of well-being of team members by leadership encouraging them to following governmental and WHO guidelines

Food and Beverages

While our existing F&B standards already exceeded the WHO covid prevention standards, we reinforced training and changed a few things.

- F&B staff must wear protective masks, hair net, gloves, and shoe covering inside the kitchen.

- No guest handling of food at the buffet. Some meals will be served plated. 

- In some cases, meals will be served buffet style but Xinalani's staff will stand behind the table and serve plates while guests stand at distance. 

- Seating distance in dining area will be encouraged.

The rest will be left to our guests' good habits. 

Yoga spaces

- All yoga rooms are cleaned and sanitized before and after practice, allowing some buffer time for cleaning products to dry. 

- Housekeeping staff will pay extra focus on disinfecting high touch areas.

- Each room's capacity will be reduced to ensure sufficient distance between each yogi.

- Yoga teachers will be responsible for the safety of their students and will indicate where to place mats on the floor.

- Each guest will be invited to choose a yoga mat and props and keep them for the length of their retreat. Labels and markers will be made available to identify them. 

- Disinfectant wipes will be freely available in each studio for our guests to clean their equipment.

- Guests will be allowed to keep equipment in guest rooms for their peace of mind.

- Manual posture adjustments will be discretionary (prior agreement between teacher and student).

Boat transfer

- Compulsory guest temperature check before boarding the boat.

- Reduced boat capacity to ensure social distancing in boat.

- Sanitizing protocol of seats and high touch areas.


- Guest temperature checks available

- Guests will not be required to wear masks on property


- Reduced availability to allow for full spa room cleaning, disinfecting and ventilating between treatments.

- 1 hour buffer time between services.

In the guest rooms

Our housekeepers go the extra mile for our guests' health and safety. We have revisited our cleaning routine and implemented a complete checklist for disinfecting rooms. Learn more about Xinalani's 5 step room cleaning and disinfecting protocol.

A few extra things

We included in each room a complimentary hand sanitizer bottle.

We understand some guests want the ability to clean on their own, we will leave a complimentary cleaning kit at your disposal in each room with sanitizing wipes disinfectant spray, etc. Any additional cleaning item (broom, microfiber cloth, sponge, mop, etc) will be made available upon request, no extra charge.

Please do not hesitate to talk to us about your expectations at any time, we need your feedback and we will always make our best efforts for a safe and enjoyable retreat.

Final Notice

Keep in mind we are an eco-friendly retreat with high environmental standards. Our priorities include reducing plastic waste and limiting the use of chemicals as much as possible. When it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting we do our best to stick to green practices whenever possible. We use only disinfectant and sanitizer solutions that are registered with Mexico Environmental Protection Agency.

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